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17 July 2012 @ 07:19 pm
  • Feedback can be found here.
  • Prices are in AU$, I accept Paypal or bank deposit.
  • Prices do not include shipping, but are inclusive of Paypal fees
  • I am not responsible once items leave my hands. If you want registered/express post, please ask, as it is quite expensive.
  • NO TRADES - except the Peace Now bow for a BPN one
  • Prices are negotiable.
  • I reserve the right to sell to who I like, and show fairness to tentative buyers who have questions.
  • If you require more pics, please ask. I'm not going to take 100 photos of the Gosu-Rori, there are scans out there somewhere.

Peace Now School Neck Ribbon - $40 - Perfect condition

Mew Strawberry Cream Headbow - $20 - One of the corners is poked out showing raw fabric. I think it was like this the whole time, I've only worn it once or twice since getting it new.

Gosu-Rori Volume 12 - $18 - Intact, but with a bit of cosmetic damage.

Leopard Fur Cape - $35. Perfect condition.

Bodyline Rabbit Bag - $10 - Has a blemish on its foot. Can hold some small items, but can be attached to another bag.

Leopard Cameo Pearl Necklace - $5 - Recieved this in a trade from another Etsy seller, have worn it a few times.