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29 April 2013 @ 11:46 pm
DS: Visual Kei magazines, Double Deck shoes, Agnes b. mook, mori girl vest  

  • Prices are in AUD; I accept Paypal and Australian bank deposit.

  • Prices are exclusive of shipping; It is recommended that you get your item either registered or tracked, it's not my responsibility if I send your item and it doesn't make it.

  • NO TRADES at this time, I'm broke man, don't tempt me.

  • I am very happy to negotiate, especially if you're buying more than one thing, and payment plans are okay where it is deemed reasonable.

  • I reserve the right to sell (or not sell) to who I like, if you drop your paypal and someone just wants more info, I'm not going to give your preferential treatment. This isn't license to mess me around, though.

  • If you would like more photos/details, don't be afraid to ask.

  • My proof is Marisa, my local Sunday paper and my username chocobanana.

  • I have cats, but they generally are away from my lolita, and I will take every effort to get any hairs off.

  • My egl feedback is here: http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/299171.html


Jrock/Visual Kei magazines for sale (Any questions about which artists are included in magazines are welcome, but you may be able to find them online quicker.) I am very keen to clear these out and make some space, so please take these prices as a haggling guide!

Cure Magazines - $10 each. Available issues 2007 Vol 09 (Girugamesh cover), 2007 Vol 10 (An Cafe cover), 2008 Vol 01 (Wizard Cover) and 2009 Vol 03 (Dolly cover). All great condition, intact.
Neo Genesis Magazines - $15 each Available Volumes 16, 30 and 35 (as much as I love Ayabie, gotta let them go. All intact and great condition.)
Shockwave Magazine - $10 It is without the poster, but I will hunt it down before I send it, as it has been used. Stickers are still intact.
Vinyl Sydicate Volume 11 - $4, great shoots with various artists wearing Sex Pot Revenge clothing. Would be perfect condition, but the rear page has a bit of a fold, it's been flattened out again.

Agnes b. Mook - $8. Mook is in good condition, however, in a tragic accident, the tote bag didn't survive, so it is not included. The bag charm survives without injury. The "ab." charm reminds me of Ayabie :')

Double Decker double rubber sole creepers in snake size 25 - $40

I have had these for ages, they have only been worn inside, as an attempt to break them in. However, my feet are way too broad, my arches and instep way too high, so I gave up and they've been gathering dust. Great condition! I'd imagine the postage would be a touch on the expensive side, due to weight.

Mori Girl lace vest by e-Style (China) - $20

This is a lace tie front vest I bought to wear with mori girl, but I've decided to have a style purge and make my closet smaller. Size 44, which I guess is the bust size, but since it's mori, you can wear it if you're smaller, as I did. I will give it some running repairs before sending it out (I'm a qualified seamstress^^)

Thanks for looking!
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